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Grass Stains and Peanut Butter
That’s it…I’m waltzing back to kindergarten. Because today seems as good a day as any for all of us to retreat to a childhood safe place, where the sacred, pint-sized halls are filled with Lincoln logs, crayons, and leaking pants. And listen, folks, if there has ever been a better moment to find the equilibrium […]
Plaid Pants
There is a good chance that you are a smidge over the canyon’s edge of finding yet more “free time” in this extended WFH to just shy of forever. You have probably already polished off the big tasks (eating food, take a shower, breathe air, etc.) and maybe even the less but just as critical […]
I walk the cat
9 weeks ago, I, along with the rest of the planet being suddenly sheltered at home for what we hoped was only “temporary”, had devised some grand master plans to take advantage of all the newfound hours that I would’ve spent at happy hours commuting. Valuable time for starting new hobbies, like learning to speak Latin, […]
I’ve Finished Netflix
I’ve finished Netflix… All of it… From Tiger King to West Wing…I’ve scrounged, clicked and watched it all. I also haven’t worn anything with a zipper in 8 weeks…which officially checks 2 boxes on this week’s version of Apocalyptic Bingo. (yay me) I’m not proud of either, but listen folks, this is a global pandemic, […]
My Yard is GREEN
My yard is green… finally..  and if you look close enough (not too close), the grass is a particular shade of green deserving of an unfamiliar sense of pride, if only for the fleeting of moments. You see, my thumbs are fat, not green… And the only plant I can cultivate are the ones that […]
I Miss Traffic Jams
I miss traffic jams. Especially the ones sprinkled in with a punch of thunderous car horns and a fistful of harmonic howls from fellow time-starved drivers. And while traffic jams surely suck the living will out of our souls, they unintentionally provide a pinch of respite within the daily chaos of routine. Perhaps it is the […]
WELL Moves into the Spotlight in a COVID World
It is jaw dropping to reflect on how much our world has changed in 27 days. Everyone has their own story of THAT day. THE day when enormous, cultural mainstays like the NCAA Basketball tournament were officially deep sixed, launching a signature moment for all of us. It was exactly on THAT day when our […]