About Us

Our firm was founded on an entrepreneurial spirit that now exists in every member of our team. We foster discovery and new ways of thinking about both the work itself along with how we do that work. That internal North Star is what guides Meyer, and the result of that curiosity shows up in every one of our projects.
Meet Meyer

While our firm name is on every project, so is the name and reputation of every team member. As an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), we have a deeply-rooted belief in what the word team actually means; our people are shareholders in Meyer – they succeed as one and understand that only through a collective dedication can excellence be achieved.

Spaces For People
Though our work is about the built environment, it’s people who are at the core of all that we do.
Ideas Through Listening
We know that it’s in the subtly of artful discovery where the great ideas emerge – and it’s those ideas that set our process and our work apart.
Our Culture of Curiosity
Designing the right solution is about asking the right questions and being open to sometimes surprising answers.
A Steady, Not Heavy, Hand
You know best what your community needs, and we’ll collaborate with you to help bring that vision to life.
A Vested Interest In Excellence
Our founding principle was to find the best people and give them the space to do their best work.
Your Location Without Limits
No matter your location, we have the ability to staff a team of vetted talent that knows the local and regional aspects unique to your project.

Committed to Our Mission

Creating possibilities for people to be and belong
Who We Are

Meyer has won the Philadelphia Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” 4 times since 2019.