About Us
Our firm was founded on an entrepreneurial spirit that now exists in every member of our team. We foster discovery and new ways of thinking about both the work itself along with how we do that work. That internal North Star is what guides Meyer, and the result of that curiosity shows up in every one of our projects.
Meet the Team
With diverse backgrounds, extensive expertise, and a shared passion for innovation, our team brings a wealth of creativity and dedication to every project, ensuring unparalleled design solutions tailored to your vision.
Geographic Reach
As a registered firm in 29 states, we possess the expertise and reach to cater to clients from coast to coast. With a team of talented architects and designers, we embark on diverse projects. Our extensive presence allows us to understand the unique regional characteristics and seamlessly integrate them into our designs. Our nationwide presence ensures that we can bring your vision to life no matter where you are.
Meyer Gives Back
Meyer Gives Back represents our dedication to walking the talk and making a difference where it matters most. We believe that through collective action, we can inspire change and build stronger, more inclusive communities. Together, let us create a future where compassion, generosity, and social responsibility are at the heart of every design.
Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
We believe the power of architecture and interior design lies in the diverse perspectives and experiences of individuals. We are committed to cultivating a culture that celebrates and respects the unique qualities and backgrounds of our team, clients, and community.
Minority Business Certification
In 2022, our partner firm, Meyer Architects, underwent a transformative ownership transition, resulting in President Alicia Karr and Principal Phil Burkett becoming majority owners. This milestone not only signified a new and exciting chapter for our company but also reinforced our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment.
Who We Are

Meyer has won the Philadelphia Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” 4 times since 2019.