Geographic Reach & One Global Design

Your Location Without Limits

As a registered firm in 29 states, we possess the expertise and reach to cater to clients from coast to coast. With a team of talented architects and designers, we embark on diverse projects. Our extensive presence allows us to understand the unique regional characteristics and seamlessly integrate them into our designs. Our nationwide presence ensures that we can bring your vision to life no matter where you are.

Meyer is the founding member of the One Global network – a national platform of firms who have aligned around a level of quality, service, and knowledge-sharing. No matter your location, we have the ability to staff a team of vetted talent that knows the local and regional aspects unique to your project. With One Global, your location doesn’t limit your ability to hire the right people.

Meyer cofounded ONE Global Design, a platform of owner-led top tier firms that are built upon mutual trust between offices and deep local knowledge, to deliver top notch work and seamless service for clients across the world.
Norman Liedtke, CEO

ONE Global Design

In 2011, Meyer co-founded ONE Global Design, a global platform of design firms for our national and global clients that want the personalized service and one-on-one relationship approach of a boutique design firm but must satisfy national and global real estate needs. Together, we rank as the fourth largest design firm in the country. Separately, we rank at the top of our individual markets.

ONE Global Design’s mission is to provide organizations with unparalleled service by combining individual design firms that are geographically diverse and are supported by individuals who subscribe to collaborative cultures. This is accomplished by providing a consistent Principal-led team who will know the client, their company, brand standards, and expectations for what a successful project looks and feels like. They will provide the design and delivery while an alliance member provides the local knowledge, code compliance, and ready access to the site.