Rite Aid

Remote First Corporate Headquarters

Philadelphia, PA

The Rite Aid headquarters in Philadelphia’s thriving Navy Yard District is one of the first corporate headquarters to emerge as 100% remoteThe Rite Aid Collaboration Center represents how the national enterprise has transformed their brand and is trailblazing the future office market as companies embrace new ways of working that blend remote first and in-person collaboration. 

Project Details:

When speaking to the design process for this groundbreaking remote first environment, Meyer Principal and workplace expert Debra Breslow explained, “We designed a new type of space that doesn’t mirror anything that exists now. This is a space that is designed to promote collaboration, culture, and enhance the user experience.” 

The Rite Aid Collaboration Center represents the next generation of remote work and headquarter design. It offers associates from across the country an innovative and forward thinking space to meet, collaborate, engage clients and partners, and cultivate strong professional relationships that serve as the foundation for successful remote work. 

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