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Top 10 Trends from NeoCon 2018


Since 1969, NeoCon has served as a platform to introduce new ideas and innovations to the world of commercial design. Over 500 major manufacturers showcase their latest designs and technology, and 50,000 professionals attend NeoCon to connect and learn about the evolving industry.

“Going to NeoCon allows us to physically touch and interact with prototypes and new products so we are able to make design choices and recommendations for clients based on first-hand experience with the products. We learn straight from the manufacturers the pulse of the industry, where it’s headed, new ways of engaging employees in the work environment, and gain the latest feedback from users, designers, and clients. NeoCon is an opportunity to connect with manufacturers and learn about their processes, ensuring a smooth installation for our clients.” — Deb Breslow

Meyer Principal Deb Breslow scoped out the top design and corporate interiors trends of 2018, coordinating with manufacturers and distributors to find the perfect pieces for our clients’ spaces. Keep scrolling to discover Meyer’s Top 10 Trends!


10. Sit-to-Stand Desks = New Normal

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Sustainable and flexible design, having the option to adjust your desk and customize your workstation is the new norm. Lightly rounded corners soften the look.


9. Small Spaces, Big Impact

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Tiny breakout nooks are smart ways to optimize the functionality of small spaces.


8. Incorporated Lighting

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To create a cohesive and organic space with design pop, furniture manufacturers are teaming up with lighting experts in acquisitions and partnerships.


7. Very Velvet

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This trend introduces a luxe feel to any space.


 6. Green Fever

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The color green is used to soothe the mind, giving a sense of harmony and balance, so it’s no surprise that it’s become a trend for the work environment!


5. Accessory and Storage Frenzy

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Manufacturers are creating their own lines of accessories to truly personalize the workstation, giving employees a flexible and agile work space.


4. Breath of Fresh Air

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Bringing the outside in was a trend of the 80s and it has returned! Planters are thin and black, and biophilia is all the rage with employee wellness in mind.


3. Mottos and Mantras

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Written affirmation can give a boost of positive thinking and empowerment. Materials such as neon, vinyl, fibers, and mixed media were thematically used as signage and branding.


2. Curated Collections

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Plants, vases, and other tiny accessories can be the finishing touch to achieve a warm, hospitality feel in the work environment.


1. Pushing the Ancillary Boundary

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Across the board, major manufacturers aligned with furniture retailers to provide end users with a curated look.


BONUS: Pillows Galore

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Furthering the blend of hospitality and work environment, throw pillows are an inexpensive way to add brand, humor, color, and soften any collab space.