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Workplace Innovation: NEIL’s New Remote Headquarters


In Wilmington, Delaware, the Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited (NEIL) remote headquarters is a testament to the fusion of innovation and flexibility in modern workplace design. This project was driven by a commitment to create a workspace that seamlessly evolves with the dynamic nature of work.

Meyer’s visionary approach prioritized enhancing the user experience, weaving advanced technology into the fabric of the office. The incorporation of intuitive interfaces and cutting-edge connectivity solutions empowers NEIL employees to navigate their workday effortlessly. This forward-thinking design is anchored in three guiding principles: a commitment to optimizing user experience, providing a space for collaboration and connection, and fostering a culture of transformational change. NEIL’s remote headquarters not only meets the immediate needs of its workforce but also lays the foundation for a future-proof workspace that aligns with the ever-changing workplace landscape.

Like many of Meyer’s workplace projects, this project was spearheaded by Principal Debra Breslow, NCIDQ, IIDA, WELL AP. As a leader of Meyer’s Corporate Practice, and a WELL Accredited Professional and strategist, Debra combines her passion for people and design to create engaging spaces that promote belonging, sustainability and wellness.