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The Evolving Nature of Work, 2024 Workplace Trends


Principal and Workplace Design Expert Debra Breslow, NCIDQ, IIDA, WELL AP shares her insight on 2024 workplace trends.

2024 will be a transformative time for the workplace. Organizations are reevaluating the essence of their work environments, with a focus on enhancing functionality and fostering a dynamic workplace culture. The return to offices is not just a physical shift but a strategic exploration of new paradigms. Employee wellbeing takes center stage, influencing the design and structure of workspaces to create environments that inspire and support. This year encapsulates a broader trend of adaptability and innovation as workplaces continue to redefine themselves to meet the diverse needs and expectations of the modern workforce.

Organizational Trends: Returning to the Workplace

  • Companies are delving deeper into refining their function and culture.
  • The concept of “Earning the Commute” is gaining prominence.
  • Many large organizations are experimenting with innovative pilots on their campuses.
  • There’s a trend of retrofitting more event and meeting spaces, or adding new ones.
  • Workplaces are embracing the creation of distinct “neighborhoods” with shared desking.
  • The practice of creating unique “personas” within the workforce is on the rise.
  • Ensuring inclusivity and equity is a key focus for organizations.
  • Employee wellbeing is paramount in shaping workplace priorities.

Design Trends: Returning to the Workplace

  • Spaces are meticulously curated to enhance the overall workplace atmosphere.
  • The focus is on creating an immersive experience, acknowledging the competition with the privacy and control individuals have in their homes.
  • Addressing acoustics, identified as the #1 complaint, is a top priority for workspace design.
  • Flexibility is recognized as the key element in generating diverse opportunities within the workplace.
  • The rising demand for unassigned spaces has led to an increased need for lockers.
  • Integration of easy-to-use technology facilitates quick and seamless connections for enhanced productivity.
  • The trend towards “Micro” offices is gaining traction, providing compact and functional workspaces.
  • Design elements include rounded and softened corners, contributing to a more comfortable and inviting environment.
  • Establishing a connection to light, nature, and greenery is emphasized to create a refreshing and uplifting workspace ambiance.

More about Debra: With over 30 years of experience Debra empowers her clients, from Fortune 10 companies to non-profits, to be active participants in the design process. Her workplace strategy expertise has produced exceptional spaces nationwide that emphasize flexibility, wellness, universal design, biophilia, and neurodiversity. 

Debra is also a Co-Chair for the One Global Design Workplace Taskforce where industry leaders meet to discuss current and future issues, best practices and innovations for their clients and the design industry. Her passion for the arts put her as advisory Board member for the Philadelphia Arts + Business Council as well as the Neon Museum of St. Louis.