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Immersive Studio Training: Living with Dementia


Senior Living Studio team members attended Dementia Live® training at Arbor Terrace Exton which gave them a high impact, dementia simulation experience which immerses participants into life with dementia. This experience gives our designers a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with cognitive impairment and sensory change – and helps Meyer design better spaces.

Dementia Live® gives participants an immersive hands-on look into what it may be like living with cognitive impairment and sensory change. The program utilizes specialized gear that simulates dementia specific changes including altered eyesight, hearing and tactile sensation. This experience which intentionally induces anxiety, isolation, frustration, and confusion for its participants – gave our designers a new understanding of what dementia looks, feels, and sounds like. This safe experience is a powerful and effective tool to strengthen care partner and end user understanding and empathy.

This program guides participants through the initial epiphany experienced during the training experience – and ultimately empowers care partners and designers with tools to improve communication, care processes,  and design better environments for those living with dementia.

The Meyer Senior Living Studio was invited to participate in this Dementia Live® training by The Arbor Company, a long-standing Meyer partner and operator of more than 40 senior living communities across 11 states.

Meyer team members Michele Segre, Jennifer Fronheiser, Min Yi Park, and José E. Martinez take part in the hands-on Dementia Live training.