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The Big Interview: Meyer’s Shannon Remaley guests on Senior Living’s #1 Podcast


Meyer Principal and Senior Living Studio Practice Leader, Shannon Remaley, was a guest on Bridge The Gap The Senior Living Podcast. This is Shannon’s second appearance on the number one senior living podcast. In this episode, Shannon discusses: how to address infection control from a design perspective, impactful and cost-effective design applications, what owners and operators need to implement at this time, and why the future of senior living is here now.

“The [senior living] industry has made such progress basing its model off of hospitality and residential versus an institutional model. And, it is very easy when you’re looking at something like infection control to default back to that institutional model. But I think one of the things that we have all learned is that there are many facets to our health. There is mental, social, and physical. And, right now, of course, that is where we are focusing importance on in this uncertain situation.  But we just want to look at buildings holistically and not lose the progress that the industry has made and the progress that we all hope to see for it in the future as well.” – Shannon Remaley on Bridge The Gap: The Senior Living Podcast

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