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Meyer Sponsors Inaugural Philly Builds BIO


When: Sep 13, 2022 | 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Where: The Union League of Philadelphia

Philly Builds Bio+: Inaugural Symposium for Life Science Innovation and Development

Meyer is a proud sponsor of the Philly Builds Bio+ Inaugural Symposium for Life Science Innovation and Development. Meyer Life Science Leader Phil Burkett serves on the steering committee that has lined up an impressive list of key note speakers, presenters and facilitators.

Philly Builds BIO+: Inaugural Symposium for Life Science Innovation and Development is designed to bring the life science and real estate communities together around the key drivers of the life science industry in Philadelphia (its opportunity and potential), and the opportunities and challenges of life science real estate development in the region.

The Symposium is especially timely since Philly has recently risen in the national rankings amongst major life science hubs and is attracting record amounts of venture capital as well as developer interest and major high-profile life science real estate development projects.

The Symposium consists of keynote speakers and panel discussions, each moderated by a prominent scientist, business leader or Philly real estate developer.

The Symposium will conclude with the introduction of a new membership and programming initiative, called Philly Builds BIO+ led by Nancy J Kelley and Mitch Simpler, Founding Members of NYC Builds BIO+ and other leading members of the Philly life science and real estate development community, who have served on the Steering Committee for the Symposium. Profits from the meeting will be used to support the creation and operation of a Philly Builds BIO+ Initiative.

The symposium agenda will include:

  • Philadelphia’s Future of Innovation Founded on an Illustrious Past
  • The Science Driving Innovation and Commercialization
  • The Funding Fueling Innovation
  • Celebrating Life Science Success with Revolutionary Life Science Treatment
  • Commercial Opportunities for Life Sciences in Philly
  • How Philly Stacks Up in Meeting the Needs of Life Science Companies
  • The Challenges that Philly Life Science Faces