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Does Your Workplace Tell Your Story?


The way people communicate, work, and engage with their office is constantly evolving. Connecting people to place is the foundation of experiential design. When you spark a human connection it triggers a notable emotion and creates a sense of belonging. Our team of branding specialists, designers, and marketing strategists bring your brand to life by creating meaningful experiences through thoughtful storytelling and impactful design.

Meyer’s Branding Studio leads our clients in an engaging, collaborative process to uncover their powerful stories, celebrate their unique culture and communicate their strategic messages. We create lasting impressions for people and elevate memorable connections to places.

Each fiscal year, companies allocate a budget to promote their brand across external marketing channels, but these marketing plans often fail to look at a strong internal channel: extending the brand through the workplace and common amenity areas. The value that custom environmental graphics can add to your space can be measured and is often more cost effective than procuring traditional artwork to hang on the walls. At Meyer, our Branding Studio works closely with clients to determine the best opportunities for branding within a space, mapping out a thoughtful experience pathway that leverages the budget while aligning with design goals.


Recently, we worked with a past client who wanted to tell their story after our Corporate Studio finished their office renovation three years ago. Heraeus Group, located in Yardley, PA, expressed how important it was to show their global presence and history when they have visitors tour their space. We were challenged to fill long white walls with engaging experiences that utilized the most cost-effective physical materials to suit their limited budget. Our Branding Studio focused on key areas, designing colorful, metal-themed imagery to reflect the naming system of their conference rooms and a custom, full-size wallcovering highlighting their global footprint. We sprinkled additional branding to act as  talking points along their tour route.

If you recognize an opportunity to enrich your company’s visual experience, contact Jessica Stoffers, Branding Lead, for guidance on how to bring your space to life and spark a memorable connection with your employees and visitors.

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