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Designing for the Return to the Office: BALA’s Innovative Workplace.


Post-pandemic, Bala Consulting Engineers prioritized a thoughtful return to the office with a strong focus on creating a healthy, collaborative, and team-centric environment. For the ideal design, they turned to Meyer.

From optimal air quality and thermal comfort to carefully designed soundscapes, adjustable workspaces, and versatile community areas for project brainstorming, this space is a testament to innovation and comfort. Sustainability is at the heart of this design, with an emphasis on natural light, accessible amenities, and a focus on water quality and nourishment. BALA’s Philadelphia office is an inspiring space for employees to excel and deliver exceptional results. Welcome to the future of work!

This project is targeting a WELL Gold certification, and a WELL equity rating – embracing the full spectrum of sustainability benefits.

Photography Credit: Jeffrey Totaro