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The Chelsea at Shrewsbury Now Open


“It’s a modern, but warm and welcoming building. Our next step is turning it into a vibrant and active senior community. We have over 50 residents ready to move in.” — Rich Johnston, Executive Director of the Chelsea at Shrewsbury

The design aesthetic of Chelsea at Shrewsbury nods towards the colonial architecture found throughout the town of Shrewsbury, NJ, while also incorporating a contemporary flare. The use of traditional materials in innovative ways, combined with fresh paint colors, and thoughtful space planning, the Chelsea at Shrewsbury offers residents an invigorating and inviting community to call home. Many of the amenities provide opportunity for collaboration with Shrewsbury’s Guild of Creative Arts, the oldest and largest art community in New Jersey. This includes the Tavern, inspired by the local and historic Allen House, this room boasts a vaulted octagonal wood ceiling with an oversized chandelier and red brick wall, a common feature of the historic architecture of Broad Street.

“The interiors were designed with bold patterns and colors to create a lively and engaging atmosphere,” explains Meyer Senior Designer Karen Schlegel. “One of the most prominent spaces is the tavern, which offers a variety of seating options for residents to kick back and socialize.”

Watch the video below to hear what Scott Stewart, Managing Partner of Capitol Seniors Housing, has to say about the new community.